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You are required to sign a release of medical information.  I am not sure who is refusing to provide that information.  The doctor's office must provide copies of the records.  The emp ...Read more

A lawyer can withdraw from representation just as you can discharge the lawyer if you are not satisfied. You are entitled to a copy of your file upon request.

The employer/workers compensation carrier is only required to pay for authorized health care providers. If you went to your family doctor on your own who then sent you to a neurologist, then they are ...Read more

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Should You Trust Your Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

New Jersey is Not a “Free Choice of Doctor” StateWhile some states allow the injured worker virtual freedom to choose his or her treating physician, that is not the case in New Jersey. The ... Read more

Media Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss New Safety Efforts for Meat W

Biting into a steak, roasting chicken, and putting burgers on the grill are routine pleasures in the United States, but what few consumers realize is the price that meat and poultry workers pay to del ... Read more

Media Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Coverage for Nerve Damage

Nerve damage resulting from a workplace accident, trauma, or from performing repetitive tasks can be painful and debilitating. When the nerves in the face, hands, arms, legs, feet, back, or spinal cor ... Read more

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Keeping Teen Workers Safe

For a lot of teens, getting a job is a great way to earn some extra spending money, take on new responsibilities, meet new people, and become a more independent young adult. There are a wide range of ... Read more

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Injuries Commercial Truck Driver

If you have ever wondered how Florida oranges get to your supermarket, or how furniture gets delivered to you from North Carolina, chances are, it is a truck driver that is transporting those goods to ... Read more

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