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Dear Anonymous,   The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that gives qualifying employees an opportunity to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off from their job with the guarantee ...Read more

The customary fee in CT Workers' comp is 20%.  In addition, there may be some file costs such as copies of medical records that have to be reimbursed.

Contact the tennessee department of labor and explain the situation to them.

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New Jersey’s “Odd Lot” Doctrine for Work-Related Injuries

Permanent Disability Benefits Can Be Paid Even If Worker isn’t “Helpless”In the past, when it came to employment possibilities, many so-called experts told New Jersey workers that ec ... Read more

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HVAC technicians perform a necessary, but often dangerous job. If you are an HVAC technician that has been injured on-the-job, it is likely that you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefit ... Read more

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Some workers drive for a living while others may only occasionally do so to complete a work-related task. Under either scenario – in the event of a workplace car accident – injuries sustai ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When a worker is hospitalized in connection with an injury sustained on the job, they are unable to work. Other injuries may be less serious but still hinder the ability of a worker to complete his or ... Read more

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