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I think that I can. Call me at your convenience on my cell phone at 615-646-9417.

Go to , click Employee and you can look up your employer in the data base to see who their WC insurance company is and contact them directly yourself. If your employer is ...Read more

This type of question falls under the Fair Labor Standards Act, through the Department of Labor. The Texas number is 1-866-487-9243. I would suggest that you call them and discuss your situation becau ...Read more

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Vocational Rehabilitation

When an employee is injured on the job, ideally that person will be able to return to work once they have fully recovered. However, if an employee’s injuries prevent him or her from returning to ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Obesity and Workers’ Comp C

A study published in the September 2016 Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that obesity may contribute to higher nationwide costs in Workers’ Compensation. Dr. Edward Be ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Comorbidity a Common Problem

As anyone who has ever sustained an injury can attest, one injury can quickly lead to – or exacerbate – another. An injury which impedes mobility can cause back strain if the injured party ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Truck Driver Benefits Could be

Recent reports indicate that in states where truck worker fatality rates are high, Workers’ Compensation benefits for these workers are being reduced. Some states have also capped benefits for o ... Read more

Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Common Hazards Welders

Every occupation has its unique injury risks. Some positions and fields are at a greater risk of work-related injuries than others, but none are completely devoid of injury risks. As an employee, it i ... Read more

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