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Notify you employer and have a criminal warrant taken out.

Contact the Department of Labor, Workers Compensation Division

Go to the North Carolina website for workers compensation which is and click employee links on the right side of the page. You can also call their help line 800-688-8349 and they wi ...Read more

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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Restaurant Worker Injuries

Restaurants are notorious for their high rate of on-the-job injuries. One reason is because restaurants are often understaffed, leaving the remaining workers to pick up the slack. The fast pace and ti ... Read more

When Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Intersect

New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system is multipurpose in that it aims to provide protection to employees injured on the job, while at the same time protecting employers from litigation ... Read more

Workplace Injuries Caused By Heavy Lifting

Have you ever been asked to lift a heavy object at work in Champaign that proved to be a difficult task? Or do you regularly lift and move heavy objects on the job? Either way, it is important to reco ... Read more

PEDA for Injured Police Officers

PEDA for Injured Police Officers and Other First Responders Public Employees Disability Act (PEDA) Injured Police OfficerFirst responders face daily threats of injury that most of us never do. They ar ... Read more

Common Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment

Below are a few quick answers to some of the common questions we receive regarding the interaction between workers’ compensation and unemployment. Q: I suffered an injury at work and workers&#82 ... Read more

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