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functional capacity exam (FCE) said I need restrictions I ask to be taking off restrictions The DR did it .When I ask to be put back on he said no

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My functional capacity exam (FCE) said I need restrictions but after my Dr relest me an said there was nothing he could do I was so mad I ask if he could take me off restictions an he did even tho the tet said i need restriction .When I ask to be put back on my restrictions he said no because I ask to be off ! What can I do
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Answered on Aug 01st, 2012 at 10:25 PM

You are entitled to a change of doctors.  If the FCE says you have restrictions, the doctor would not have much credibility to say you have no restrictions especially since he is the doctor who requested it.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of doctors out there that will help the insurance company every chance they can.  I would be happy to speak to you in more detail.  Please call me for a FREE consultation at (877)817-4127.

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