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If been on work comp for 5 weeks now

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And I was paid a bonus check thst was for months before I went on work comp they are taking that gross pay into account when figuring my lay out was told that when they got my pay info from company to figure the magic number they call it they said my bonuses were included in that figure and attendance bonus also that made my pay out number higher is that right that im losing my bonus pay do to there taking the gross from those checks into account now that I'm being paid out now also what is the normal settlement snout giving for having a broken lag and having to have surgery and metal and screws put into it to allow it to heal since it wouldn't heal on its own
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Answered on Aug 09th, 2017 at 6:38 AM

Dear Anonymous,


If you miss more than 21 days of work from a work-related injury, you are entitled to Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD).  TTD is 2/3 of your "average weekly wage."  If your injury is permament, you are entitled to payment for any Permanent Partial Impairment, (PPI).  Your PPI rating will be determined by the company's workers compensation doctor.  However, if you disagree with the company doctor's PPI rating, you can seek out a rating from a doctor of your own choosing.  You will have to pay for this evaluation.  If you have additional questions, you should contact an experienced workers compensation attorney.




Chip Clark


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