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What to Expect From a Workers' Comp Mediation or Settlement Conference
Throughout your workers’ compensation case, you will probably have several opportunities to settle your case. In addition to informal negotiations, through letters or phone conversations, many workers’ comp cases have at least one in-person conference (usually called a “mediation”) to facilitate ... Read more

Common Reasons Workers' Compensation Claims Are Denied
Find out some of the top reasons for a workers' compensation denial. ... Read more

How to Appeal Your Workers' Compensation Denial in Florida
If your workers' comp benefits have been denied, you have the right to challenge that decision. ... Read more

Tips for Handling Your Independent Medical Examination for Workers' Comp
Avoid the common pitfalls of independent medical examinations ordered by the insurance company. ... Read more

How to Prepare for Your Workers' Compensation Hearing
Learn how to prepare for, and conduct yourself during, your workers' comp hearing. ... Read more

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You should be paid for the 4 days that you worked. Contact the Department of Labor to file a complaint.

I can not tell you what to do. You need to consult with an attorney who handles workers compensation claims.

You only get workers compensation pay following the 7th day of being off of work except if you are off for more than 14 days than you get pay retroactive back to the first day. The statute says: "No c ...Read more

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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Machine Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Of the many risks faced by workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified the “Fatal Four ... Read more

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Delays in Treatment

As with any injury, whether it is a sports injury, or the result of a car accident or some other type of personal injury, getting the proper treatment is vital to the person’s recovery. This is ... Read more

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Prescription Drug Addiction

Stories about the opioid epidemic and fatal drug overdoses have been all over the news as the number of people who become addicted to these drugs continues to rise. Until recently, many people did not ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: When to Settle

In Pennsylvania, Workers’ Compensation claims cannot be settled until at least four months have passed since the date of the workplace injury. Settlements must be mutually agreed upon; neither t ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Opioids Reform Attempt

A Department of Labor (DOL) report says that state Workers’ Compensation systems do not provide adequate benefits to injured workers and urges federal oversight of state Workers’ Compensat ... Read more

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