Workers' Compensation Basics

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Workers Comp Basics FAQ
What is workers' compensation insurance? What's the origin of the workers' compensation system? Why can't I choose to file a lawsuit against my employer instead of making a workers' comp claim? Isevery employer required to carryworkers' compensation insurance? Is every worker covered by workers' compensation? ... Read more

Workers Comp Benefits FAQ
Learn what kind of benefits are available through workers' comp. ... Read more

Workers Comp Medical Issues FAQ
Learn about medical treatment in workers' comp, including how to find a doctor, whether you can refuse treatment, and whether you have to accept light-duty work. ... Read more

Who's to Blame for Violence at the Workplace?
Learn what to do if you were the victim of workplace violence. ... Read more

Unemployment Deals Blow to Worker Injuries and Deaths
It's hard to think of unemployment as having an upside. With over 9 percent of the labor force out of work, finding a silver lining isn’t easy. However, as a result of higher unemployment fewer people are getting injured or killed on the job. Workplace fatalities at record low High unemployment linked ... Read more

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I am sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully, this is not a career ending injury. Since you do heavy lifting, it may be a career ending injury. If the injury is that serious (and it sounds like it ...Read more

If you are talking about attending a medical appointment, it would depend on the doctor. If you are talking about a workers compensation hearing, then yes a family member can go to the hearing. If you ...Read more

Answer to your questions is to complicate to answer in this forum. You need to consult with a workers compensation attorney in your county.

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workplace Car Accidents Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss Workplace Car AccidentsCar accidents are among the top 10 most common workplace accidents, and can cause a wide range of i ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Safety Shoes

If you work in an environment where there may be risks to your safety, you want to have the best apparel for the job. Choosing the right shoes may ultimately prevent or minimize damage from workplace ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Skin Disease

Every year, over 13 million American workers are potentially exposed to dangerous chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. Most chemicals are easily soaked up through the skin without an emplo ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Some Pennsylvania Employers D

Nerves collect and transmit information throughout the body and are vital to every major bodily function. When nerves are damaged because of overuse or because of a work injury, the consequences can b ... Read more

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Some Pennsylvania Employers D

Nearly 100 years ago, Pennsylvania passed the Workers’ Compensation Act to provide payment to workers who are injured on the job. The Act ensures that injured workers receive compensation for th ... Read more

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