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I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that you are having a work, however, I would need more information to be able to provide you with a proper response.   Based upon the information that ...Read more

I am sorry to hear about the injury that you sustained to your right shoulder in August.   Based upon the information that you have provided, it sounds as if your Employer is not honoring the r ...Read more

If you were injured during the course of your employment, you medical bills will be covered.  As far as wages, you have to be out of work for 3 days before you are eligible for any wage benefits. ...Read more

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Three Critical Facts to Know About Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Ne

Filing for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Jersey Many employees in New Jersey know very little about the state’s workers’ compensation system and the availability of workers&# ... Read more

Why Should I File A Claim With The Workers’ Compensation Commission If My

In many cases, employees who suffer work-related injuries choose to pay for resulting medical expenses using their employer-provided or private health insurance coverage rather than filing a workers&# ... Read more

Top Career Fields Prone to Wear and Tear Injuries

Many of New Jersey’s injured workers incorrectly assume that in order to file a workers’ comp claim, the work-related injury must be sudden and acute. Unfortunately, too many employers and ... Read more

What Constitutes Unreasonable/Unnecessary Treatment for Workers’ Comp

The New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system provides that employers and/or workers’ compensation insurance companies must pay for an employee’s reasonable and necessary medic ... Read more

Three Common Issues Facing New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Patients

Employees injured on the job face many challenges in the days, months, and even years following their accidents. The unfortunate reality is that many injured workers experience physical pain, financia ... Read more

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