Workers Compensation

Acronym List for Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a complicated area of law. Not only are there all sorts of legal tests and requirements you have to meet to get benefits for a work-related injury, the process is full of acronyms describing the types on injuries, benefits, and the legal process of applying for benefits. Here's a list of some of the acronyms you may come across.

ADL: activities of daily living - your everyday activities

ALJ: Administrative Law Judge - judicial officer who decides workers' comp cases

AOE/COE: Arising out of employment and occurring in the course of employment - injury must be work-related to be covered

AWL: actual wage loss - the precise amount of wages you didn't earn because of an injury

AWW: average weekly wages - the average amount of wages you earned in the 52 weeks (one year) before your injury

CFS: chronic fatigue syndrome - severe feeling of tiredness that's not improved by sleep or bed rest

COLA: Cost of living adjustment - change in the amount of workers' comp benefits to adjust for changes in the cost of living

CRPS: complex regional pain syndrome - chronic or on-going sever pain, usually in an arm, hand, leg, or foot

CTS: carpal tunnel syndrome - injury to a nerve in the wrist

DoA: date of accident

DOI: date of injury

DVT: deep vein thrombosis - blood clots in deep veins, typically in the legs

DWC: division of workers' compensation

E/C: employer/carrier - "carrier" is the insurance company providing workers' comp insurance to the employer

FEC: future earning capacity - wages you'll likely be able to earn after you return to work with or without effects of the injury

FL: functional limitation - a medical or health condition that hampers your ability to perform certain tasks

HCO: health care organization

IME: independent medical examination - examination conducted on you by a doctor chosen by your employer or the employer's insurance carrier

LDP: last day paid

LDW: last day worked

LEC: loss of earning capacity - how much wages you can no longer earn as a result of your injury

LT: lost time - how much work time you missed because of your injury

NCCI: National Council on Compensation Insurance - database of workers' compensation insurance information

ND: nonwork disability -an injury or condition that's not caused by or related to your work but hampers your ability to work

NEL: noneconomic loss - damages other than money or wages, such as "pain and suffering"

OCC: occupation - your job

OD: occupational disease - illness or disease caused by work-related conditions

ODNCR: occupational disease, notice, and causal relationship - what you need to show to make a workers' compensation claim for an occupational disease (as opposed to a claim based on an injury)

PCR: prevention, compensation, and rehabilitation - the three goals of workers' compensation laws

PD: permanent disability - disability or impairment that remains forever and impacts your ability to work

PPD: permanent partial disability - lifelong disability that prevents you from working at full capacity

P&S: permanent and stationary - the point where your medical condition has leveled out at the point where you'll likely get no better or worse

PTD: permanent total disability - a lifelong disability that prevents you from working completely

RFC: residual functional capacity - what your able to do after an injury and after you've reached permanent and stationary status

RTW: return to work - usually a medical determination that you're physically able to go back to work

SOL: statute of limitations - the time limit you have to file a legal claim or lawsuit, including a claim for workers' comp benefits

SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance - federally-provided benefits for certain disabled workers and their families

TD: temporary disability - disability or injury that won't prevent you from returning to work forever

TPD: temporary partial disability - a disability or injury that doesn't completely prevent you from working while recovering

TTD: temporary total disability - disability or injury that completely prevents you from working while recovering from a work-related injury

UI: unemployment insurance - temporary payments made to unemployed workers while they look for a new job

VR: program to help disabled or injured workers find a new job

WC: workers' compensation

WD: work disability - injury or medical condition that's caused by or related to your job and hampers your ability to work

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