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Lawyer emailed me and dropped my comp case

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I had a attorney from 9-16 but he just emailed me to drop my case 3 days ago because he said the Dr said it was from a A Pre-Existing condition. I had surgery from this new injury which workman's comp has paid for but now Dr says I have to have total knee replacement and they say they are not responsible. I never received a panel of Dr's to choose from which comp is required to give me and they are now giving me a run around that they are not responsible. What do I do ? I now have no Lawyer which I was unware he was dropping me until the email and I have no idea What to do
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Answered on Sep 09th, 2017 at 11:38 AM

Contact the Workers Compensation Division of the Department of Labor.

If you would like to contact me personally by either phone or email, you may do so as follows: Patrick Johnson, Johnson, Scruggs & Barfield, 95 White Bridge Road, S. 508, Nashville, Tennessee, 37205, email:; Cell: 615-646-9417; Office: 615-352-8326

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